Electrical Engineering and Information Technology - International (Master of Science)

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology International (Master of Science)

Study Programm

Master of Science (M.Sc.) - Postgraduate Studies

Study Duration

4 Semesters



Start of study program

Winter Semester annually


see The prerequisites

Pre-Study Industrial workplacement

Not required

The Program. What does it consist of?

The IMSEIT program is unique as it is solely taught in English and attracts a truly international audience. From about 1500 applicants worldwide, we only choose the best which makes our program attractive to future senior engineers and managers. IMSEIT emphasizes a systems perspective: Topics and processes, tasks and projects take an integrated and synoptic approach, within an international setting: Course work and projects are conducted in intercultural teams and prepare our students for a career in an international operating company. The content of our lectures is based on the current trends in research and development and covers all relevant fields in electrical engineering and IT. We offer four majors:

  • Automation
  • Communications
  • Embedded Systems and Microelectronics
  • Power Engineering

Internships and thesis research are completed at companies of international standing either in  Germany or, if so desired, worldwide.

The professional and practical view: What are the perspectives after graduation?

Our graduates find well-paid and challenging jobs on all levels and in all sectors of industry, small- and medium-size high tech and international companies, in administration, or self-employed. Interdisciplinary course contents, such as economics or project management, prepare for later leadership responsibilities.

The modularized curriculum: How is the program structured?

The first year focusses on challenging academic content and is organized as classroom lectures. Mandatory modules are shared by all majors, including programming techniques, project management, presentations and communication skills. Due to our strong research performance the latest technology trends are integrated in our major-specific modules, which are complemented by optional modules offering a variety of fascinating topics. The third semester is dedicated to an industrial internship to gain experience within a German company. Students will conclude IMSEIT during the final six months doing their Thesis project in a challenging research-related topic. Specific academic and intercultural pre-semester offerings help students to prepare for the study program.

The prerequisites. What do we expect from applicants?

As a prerequisite, a Bachelor’s degree of at least a six-semester academic program in  electrical engineering or a closely related field is expected. A clearly discernible motivation  with excellent past academic accomplishments in fields relevant to electrical engineering is indispensable. High priority is given to IT experience. The overall impression that the candidate offers, with proven proficiency in English, including technical English, is very important to us.

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Nach einem Masterstudium besteht die Möglichkeit einer kooperativen Promotion. Zentrale Anlaufstelle ist die Graduiertenschule.